my friends


JWC guitars  

I love mine! I’m not sure what else to say other than that these are very fine, authentic guitars, hand made in England.


Guzz Picks

The Guzz S3 is so good that  I’ve stopped looking for anything else, now that I have this and my Wegen. It’s great to hold and sounds “fat” without any “clicky” high frequency pick noise. I use the roundest side and it’s definitely my choice for recording.


Wegen Picks

Without wanting to sound contrary, I’ve recently got back into my Wegen pick. It produces a brighter and so apparently louder sound than the Guzz, which has meant that I’ve been favouring it for live playing. It’s great to hold and has worn down to a slightly rounder edge over the past three or four years (this goes to show how hard these picks are) and I think that is the reason that I now like it so much.


Patrus 53

What would we Djangophiles do without the treasure trove of Patrus’s YouTube channel? Thankyou Patrus!


Django’s Tiger

A Cambridge based hot club band in which I will declare a special interest. Book us for a gig!


Cach Guitars

Czech luthier Vit Cach makes some wonderful gypsy guitars, including very realistic “reliced” grande and petite bouche models. Figeli Prisor and Gismo Graf had them sounding sublime at Samoreau last year.


Martin Woodhouse

Another fine luthier, notably of flamenco guitars, Martin also makes an 8 string “Brahms” guitar that is rather special! In addition to his luthiery, Martin is a very talented photographer, and I am fortunate to have some of his pictures on this site. There are countless wonderful pictures on his photostream.


DC Music School

Another great resource for gypsy jazz lovers. Their “gypsy jazz playalongs” are well worth getting for example; well played and authentic.


Le Quecumbar

This is the place to go for great gypsy jazz, just off Battersea high street. Pay them a visit I urge you! In the meantime, have a look at their 100th birthday of Django youtube video.


These links are presented with the kind permission of their owners.