about us

Two, three, four musicians or more; Django’s Tiger plays jazz manouche; Django Reinhardt compositions and jazz standards from the twenties, thirties and fourties. Dedicated professionals with decades of playing experience between us, we can play as an acoustic guitar duo or with added double bass, clarinet, violin or vocals.

Our music is essentially acoustic in nature, although in practice there is invariably some light amplification. We could run off a single 13 amp socket at a stretch and even have some minimal battery powered amplification if you want something truly “unplugged”.

If you like to dance, then we have plenty of experience of playing for Lindyhop events; this music has an exuberant swing and a lively charm that, in our experience, has a broad appeal. If you haven’t already done so, please navigate to our “Hear Us” page, and we hope that you will agree.

On a more prosaic note, if you’d like to book us, we have public liability insurance, P.A.T. tested equipment, can provide a sample contract for you to look over in advance, will happily provide an invoice, can be paid by cheque or bank transfer and can provide certification of our self employed status, U.T.R’s etc.